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As you go through this seed grant programme design journey, you may find terms that you haven’t used, heard of, or seen before. Here are definitions that will help enrich your learning experience as you navigate through the Feminist Sport Champions Toolkit. 


In this toolkit, ‘Champions’ refers to the girls and women who have been selected to receive seed grants, participate in seed-grant programmes designed by organisations and implement their own projects or activities.



Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning, in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.



Safeguarding is a broad term that refers to all policies, procedures and actions that an organisation takes and puts in place to ensure that everyone working on their behalf and anyone benefitting from the work they are doing, does not come to any harm, either unintended or intended. It includes both policies and procedures, and the culture within the organisation.


When WW refers to girls and women, we include; all cis, trans, non-binary and all other underrepresented groups and communities such as black, indigenous, mestizas, people of colour, LBTQIA+, refugees, and migrant girls and women with or without disabilities.

Girls and women

Monitoring is a continuous activity to ensure that projects are on track. Evaluation is an activity that assesses whether a project is achieving its intended objectives.

Monitoring and evaluation


A seed grant refers to a small sum of money and/or resources that are given with the intention to support the implementation of the Champions projects or activities. For this toolkit, seed grants describe not only financial or resource handouts, but also a holistic programme that supports the leadership development of young women and accompanies them on their journeys. A seed-grant programme could combine small amounts of money with some sort of accompaniment such as leadership development, programme design or project management for example.

Seed grants


An intersectionally feminist approach is one that prioritises and actively amplifies the voices, experiences and perspectives of girls and women, acknowledging the complexities of gender-based oppression. This toolkit encourages organisations to work in an intersectionally feminist way by shifting power and decision-making processes to girls and women and leveraging participatory approaches.

Intersectional feminism


Peer-to-peer can be described as the process that involves well trained and motivated young people, leading informal or organised educational activities with their peers (those similar to themselves in age, background or interests

Peer to peer approach


This toolkit takes a broad view of sport to include all forms of physical and play-based activity, both competitive and non-competitive, which aims to promote physical and mental well-being.

Sport and play

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